A celebration of commitment

September 15, 2015 | 0
40 years of commitment to Indian Agriculture

Forty years ago, on February 27, we received our license to sell Machete in India for the first time. That signaled the beginning of our long journey here. It’s been four decades since then and as I look back today, I can’t help but think of all the good moments, the challenges and the success stories of all our partners and most importantly the farmers that we have worked with. Through all this, our commitment to India’s agriculture and the nation’s farmers keeps getting stronger.

Our journey has been driven by a promise, a purpose and a responsibility towards building a prosperous community. We started out with the intent to serve our farmers better and promised to provide them scientifically proven and innovative agricultural products. It’s gratifying to see that we have able to deliver that promise and in the process have helped the farmer adopt advanced agronomy.

Our purpose is entrenched in the success of our farmers. It is rewarding to witness their dreams take shape and their aspirations being fulfilled. Working with 9 million farmers each day, understanding their needs and helping them find solutions to the many challenges that they face, fuels our desire to keep innovating. It is their support that inspires us to overcome all challenges. Ultimately, it is not just about enabling them to produce safe and affordable crop but about our commitment to improving lives.

We know that we couldn’t have done this alone. Our success has been possible due to the immense faith that all our partners – scientists, farmers, students, NGOs and everyone associated – have shown in us.

As we look back and celebrate our forty year journey, we are once again inspired to come into work every single day with an unwavering focus on delivering innovations that address our biggest challenges –climate change and resource conversation – while sustaining the environment. It’s our way of helping protect the earth that feeds us.

By Arnab Das, Lead – Corporate Marketing, Sustainability & CSR

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