At Monsanto, diversity is in our DNA

November 5, 2014 | 0

As our world turns into a global village, demographics are shifting and new markets are emerging. Workplace diversity, consequently, has become an imperative rather than something nice to have.

It brings to the table new ideas and streams of thought. New synergies are born, which result in a better reputation for the organisation as well as significant business benefits, such as higher profitability. A corporation reputed for fair practices and an open culture is far more likely to attract good talent. Customers too prefer to buy from companies that are socially responsible.

Monsanto India is proud that diversity is one of our key focus areas. There is an emphasis on women and the differently-abled, candidates with different educational backgrounds and experiences. We believe that our talent acquisition strategy must mirror society.

Monsanto’s commitment to sustainable agriculture cannot be met without a talented, yet diverse set of people. To source and retain this talent, we have created an inclusive environment where ideas, dialogue and perspectives are valued. Importantly, there is complete buy-in from the top management.

To retain this focus, we constituted the India Regional Diversity Council in June 2013 with the objective of “furthering the professional development of women, foster leadership growth, create a sense of community to enhance success at Monsanto and create a Great Place to Work”. The advisory board and the Diversity Network team together ensure that annual goals are set and met.

While in India the focus is on gender, the broad objectives are:

  • Talent acquisition: Improve the gender ratio
  • Talent development: Increase engagement with women employees, focus on development and retention
  • Create a Great Place to Work: Create a Diversity Network focused on India and a culture that enables attraction, development and retention of women staff

Women in Monsanto



Women hires 

Women hired


Women as people managers

Women Managers


Women staff at Monsanto are also exposed to mentoring programmes, talks and seminars by women achievers, and are the recipients of material such as newsletters.

Apart from women, our workplace focus has also been on the differently-abled.

For this, our Shared Services Centre received an award at the hands of MP and former minister Shashi Tharoor in October 2013.

Here are some of the benefits that diversity has achieved for Monsanto India:

  • Attrition rate lower than that of the industry’s
  • A talent pipeline for future opportunities
  • Diverse workforce is being leveraged by other business groups. Language specialists helping other functions across Monsanto for translation. They serve 45 to 50 countries
  • Increased creativity and productivity resulting in six-fold growth for the organisation
  • New attitudes in the intellectual mix
  • New ideas and collaborations

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