A look at 2017: Growing Better Together

On March 20th, 2018, the world woke up to the devastating news – Sudan, the Last Male Northern White Rhino, Dies in Kenya. How long until we learn about another species’ extinction?

 As we grow in terms of population as well as socioeconomic status with technology completely taking over our lives, do we ever reflect on the damage we leave behind on the self-sustaining planet we call Earth! With every passing day, humans are causing more damage to the Earth than it can replenish or replace. If we wish to continue living on the only planet in the solar system that supports life, we need to recognise the need for sustainable development. Fortunately, organisations around the world have recognised this need and are now running businesses with the sustainability of the planet at the forefront.

Agriculture is key to sustaining human life, and at Monsanto, we’re creating agricultural solutions, while taking care of our planet, our people and the communities we live in.

In 2017, we made good progress in our sustainability efforts. This video provides an overview:

Our sustainability strategy ‘Growing Better Together’ is built on three focus areas, i.e. Better Planet, Better Lives, Better Partner.

Better Planet

  • Achieve operational carbon neutral footprint
  • Increase irrigation water efficiency of global seed production by 25%
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 22% on a per product basis from crop protection operations
  • Help farmers use one-third fewer resources per unit of corn, soybeans and cotton

Better Lives

  • Improve the lives of 5 million resource-poor farm families
  • Increase annual training of smallholder farmers on sustainable farming practices from about 2.5 million to 4 million
  • Establish sustainability and community engagement site plans at 100% of our breeding and production sites

Better Partner

  • Train 5,000 employees, with a focus on our leaders, to advance inclusion and collaboration
  • Reduce worker injury severity index by > 50%
  • Continue to assess business partners in seed production fields to eradicate child labour
  • Continuous improvement of sanitation at company-operated sites to fulfil WBCSD WASH pledge

In India, we engage in initiatives that are aimed at improving food security and farmer livelihoods. Through these initiatives, we foster collaboration between these communities and the larger society to enable us in becoming a more sustainable nation.

“As a modern agriculture company, Monsanto is committed to providing solutions to farmers to maximize yield in a sustainable way. We train farmers on sustainable farming practices including drip and fertigation techniques to improve irrigation and nutrient use efficiency. Our digital tools enable farmers to make informed decisions and use resources optimally to improve farming efficiency.”

Dhanalakshmi Ramachandra – CSR and Sustainability Lead, Monsanto India

In collaboration with our partner ISAP (Indian Society for Agribusiness Professionals), we have reached more than 100,000 farmers in 400 villages across India through Project SHARE (Sustainable Harvest, Agriculture Resources and Environment).  We have recycled 9.6 million litres of water by installing rainwater harvesting systems at breeding and supply chain locations in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Implementing drip irrigation system at all our grower locations over an area of 2300 acres has resulted in savings of 4.1 million cum of water per day.

Here’s a 2017 detailed update on our sustainability efforts around the world.

We’re proud and happy with the progress we’ve made on our sustainability commitments and we look forward to doing a lot more! It doesn’t stop with this report. We continue to partner with farmers and communities around the world to help make this world a better place for our future generations.

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