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For centuries, farmers have relied heavily on advice passed down from one generation to the next. But things have changed now. Climate patterns are changing with each passing day and vagaries of the weather continue to pose numerous challenges to farmers. With a growing population to be fed and arable land shrinking with each passing day, farmers need to ensure there is a seamless integration of technology in agriculture.

To provide farmers with technological solutions to address their on-field challenges, Monsanto Farm AgVisory Services (MFAS) recognises the need for more agronomical advice to farmers based on R&D backed data.

MFAS is an evolving customer care solution that seamlessly marries tech with agriculture to provide relevant as well as customized information and advisories to farmers. Covering the entire crop life cycle, right from buying the seeds, pre-sowing, crop management, harvesting and finally getting the right price for the product, the farmer gets all the information that he requires either through SMS or through a call to the call centre, thus leveraging the IVR service.

So how does a farmer get started?

Simple, by giving a missed call to the designated number and registering with the service. Once registered, the farmer can enjoy agronomical information and advice throughout the year, whenever and where ever he needs. The information provided to the farmer through this service is a culmination of years’ of on-ground knowledge and information gathered by Monsanto’s field force who have been tirelessly working towards the betterment of the farmer’s life with R&D backed data. This agronomic customer care call centre is ever evolving based on constant inputs received from interactions with farmers.

Relevant and accurate agronomic advisories help in improving farm yields in an era of varied weather conditions. Currently, there are over 4 million farmers registered on the MFAS platform from sixteen states and they receive agronomic advisories in seven Indian languages.

Product specific crop advisories like Dr. DEKALB® Farm Care, Seminis® Farm Care are under the wide umbrella of MFAS. While Dr. DEKALB® Farm Care provides agronomic knowhow to the corn farmers, Seminis® Farm Care helps the farmers to know about our vegetable hybrids and different agronomic practices specific to different seasons and regions.

Farmers are now just a phone call away to equip themselves about the best crop management practices. Leveraging information technology, at Monsanto we believe in delivering an integrated solution to our farmer customers.

  • Dinkar Warankar

    This is one of the best initiative and good approach in making difference in farmers life.

    It’s the step towards doubling the farmers income by providing agronomical services to the farmers.

    With best wishes!

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