Beneath the Roots of Modern Agriculture

“Farming is a profession of hope”- Brian Brett

Since the introduction of agricultural sciences, farming has evolved a long way. From the traditional methods like hand-tilling to sustainable modern agricultural techniques use of smart machinery, farming is now dependent mostly on science and technology.

In India, the varying topography and vast difference in weather patterns demand different agricultural methods and product varieties that are suitable for specific local environments. Farmers with limited exposure to information are often unaware of agronomic solutions that can boost their incomes and consequently their socio-economic status. With the onset of data science and advanced genetics, modern agriculture is helping farmers increase their yields – while reducing the amount of natural resources needed to meet the world’s food, fuel and fibre needs.

So how do we effectively reach out to farmers across this vast country?

At Monsanto, we make continuous efforts to innovate, while nurturing relationships with farming communities and helping them with improved products, cutting-edge technologies and agronomic advisories. Our teams deploy initiatives that cater to farmers’ needs while educating them about modern agriculture and its growing importance.

We’re determined to make a difference and here’s how we’re doing it:


Gurukulam is an initiative through which we provide technical information, best on-field practices & solutions and provide agronomic advisories to farmers and growers on region-specific crops. During these meetings, our teams talk about cultivation practices and update farmers about seed sowing machinery and other farm equipment that aid in ModernAg farming techniques. Farmers are provided with a toll-free Seminis® Gurukulam Farm Care (SGFC) number so that they can call and avail information about our products and various agronomic practices anytime and from anywhere.

“Through Gurukulam meetings, Technology Development, R&D and Sales teams come together to provide advanced technological solutions to customers that include Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Integrated Nutrient Management (INP), optimum spacing, right sowing window for the products. This helps farmers enhance the quality of the produce from their fields.”

Shivanand N Jammihal, Technology Development Manager – Protected Culture

Plant Breeding

The best combination of the science of statistics and the art of breeding along with utilization of the tools and technologies are very crucial for product development and advancement. The India Corn Breeding team at Monsanto has made a significant improvement in breeding and advancing customer-centric corn hybrids. Pipeline for each segment is well aligned with the needs of key markets and sub-markets.

“Improving lives of farmers through better harvests are subject to customer-centric breeding efforts. Customer needs are dynamic and so are our breeding efforts.”
Ebenezer M Hyde, Asia Commercial Development Breeding Lead.

Crop Management

Crop management employs several practices to improve growth, development and yield of a crop with advancement in data technology, weather information, soil analysis and user interfaces.

Our teams help farmers understand these methods through which they can maximize yields while reducing energy and input costs.

“Achieving maximum corn yield potential is based on a variety of crop management decisions – including seed selection, tillage, plant density, fertility and pest management as well as other key factors such as the growing environment.”
Ram Murti Sirohi, South Asia Product Manager

IT Tools

With the adoption of IT in the agriculture, farmers can now receive accurate information to optimize their resources.

Monsanto’s FarmRise™ App provides farmers with valuable information in the form of local weather updates, present-day agronomic advisory, latest commodity price data along with information about agricultural events, news and policies. This multi-lingual app provides practical, effective, customized (auto geolocation functionality) and useful insights to farmers.

“Latest technological innovations in agriculture provides farmers better tools to improve their yields and profitability. Recent advances in leveraging IT tools, access to planting and harvesting techniques coupled with using high yielding hybrids will go a long way in improving precision in farming operations.”
Bhanukiran Y, FarmRise Agronomy Lead

Pragati Diwas

During “Pragati Diwas”, the team connects with several farmers of different regions in India and shares Monsanto’s technology prospects in the maize and vegetable product pipeline. Through field demonstrations, farmers and growers are provided details on the salient features of the upcoming hybrids in maize and vegetables and the best agronomic practices.

“R&D testing centres are key pillars in product advancements which enable us to select the best product in a geography according to the needs of the customer. Product and agronomy demonstrations during events such as ‘Pragati Diwas’ encourage us to always remain customer-centric.”
 Sachin Kingaonkar, Testing & Operations Lead

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