Celebrating farmers’ progress with ModernAg

Amidst challenges like limited arable land, fast depleting fresh water sources and the ever-changing weather conditions, our farmers are increasingly facing the pressures of growing more with less. It is through their tireless efforts and the help of modern tools and technology that they are able to overcome these obstacles.

For a country like India, where agriculture contributes approximately 17.32 percent to the total GDP, farmers play a crucial role in meeting the ever-increasing food demand and the changing food patterns of a growing population. We can achieve this objective only through modern tools and techniques. In recognition of our farmers’ contribution to nation-building, India celebrates National Farmers’ Day or Kisan Diwas every year on December 23rd.

An ‘Evergreen’ Sustainable Future

With a growing population and an increasing demand for food, the role of the farmer is becoming even more pivotal. It is therefore essential to create a more sustainable future for both, the farming sector as well as the farmers. An important step towards achieving this objective is ‘Evergreen Revolution’, which focuses on not just increased production, but also improved nutrition quotient of the crops. This vision entails combining ecology with scientific and technological interventions.

At Monsanto, we continuously strive to make this possible through our innovative products and technologies that make agriculture sustainable and empower our farmers.

Somnath Parkhe and Raj Mohan Sahu are living testimonials of our success. Parkhe, a corn farmer from Kanlad, Maharashtra is very happy with our corn hybrids of DEKALB®. Uniformity of the plants and crop vigour have helped him get higher yields. Similarly, Raj Mohan Sahu from Gumla district of Jharkhand believes his bountiful harvest is a result of using our Seminis® tomato hybrids. The heavy bearing capacity of the crops and the firmness of the tomatoes have fetched him better market value.

At Monsanto, we remain focused on being an integral part of our farmers’ progress by providing superior quality hybrids and smarter farming practices.

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