Climate change and our food: global perspective

For most of us, climate change is hard to wrap our heads around.  We don’t see it in the daily weather report, even though the weather is more unpredictable these days.  It’s not apparent when we draw a glass of water or check items off our lists at the grocery store, even though it might be impacting availability of both fresh water and food.

Climate change is happening, though, and it’s posing new challenges that can impact our food supply and our quality of life.  Diplomats from around the world are discussing and debating potential solutions this week at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2014 in Lima, Peru.

The ongoing global dialogue on climate change is important for all of us.  But for perspective on how climate change is impacting us today, all you need to do is ask a farmer.

Monsanto works with farmers and others every day to help get the most out of every harvest and to minimize the impact of challenges like climate change.  We asked several of our employees and partners – including farmers, scholars and nonprofit organizations – to provide their perspectives on a changing climate in different parts of the world.  From unpredictable monsoons in India to increased risk of drought in Kenya to extended dry spells in Canada, these experts are seeing the challenges created by climate change firsthand, and they’re collaborating with us and others to find new solutions.

We hope you’ll review these important perspectives on climate change and agriculture, then join the extended conversation on this and other important food topics

Originally published on December 3, 2014 by Beyond the Rows

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