Going back to school with Monsanto

It’s been about 5 years now since I’ve been part of the Monsanto family. It’s truly been a memorable journey. Ever since I’ve joined the company, I’ve come across many other aspects of Monsanto, besides my usual job, which makes it such a great place to work.

Currently, I am a part of the AASHA team. What started as a series of training sessions on hygiene, food handling and cooking safety, AASHA is now a fully functional initiative to improve women’s health, education, and safety in India. When I first heard about this program I was eager to be a part of this team because of the kind of work it does for women in India.

I worked in Aurangabad until my recent move to Bangalore. In Aurangabad, I conducted 2-3 outreach activities which involved giving sessions on women empowerment at the school where I passed my SSC from. The entire experience was extremely nostalgic as I’d never imagined that I’d be given such an opportunity to speak at my Alma Mater.

The main focus of this awareness session was ‘Child abuse and women safety’. I was ecstatic when I learnt that more than 2000 schoolgirls and 30 teachers actively participated and benefitted from this activity. Doing this was such a beautiful feeling of pride as I knew how much these little girls needed it in present day India.

The school authorities were highly impressed with this activity and so invited us to conduct a similar session for the parents of these kids on the annual parents day meet. The vice-principal of the school suggested that we conduct more of these sessions so as to bring about awareness among young girls about sexual harassment, hence motivating them to persuade a healthy mindset and a confident attitude.

Ever since I’ve been at Monsanto, I look forward to these team activities as I get opportunities to meet and interact with different kinds of people from all over India.

Aboli Pujari
FS Data Specialist – Asia

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