How many dreams does a woman help fulfill in her lifetime?


First, she fulfills her parent’s dreams. After she’s married she is instrumental in fulfilling her husband’s and children’s dreams. She always does what makes her loved ones happy. Often, she also balances & handles the role of a housewife & a working woman in the best possible way, without compromising her responsibilities.

But a woman has her own dreams; her aspirations; a strong desire to make her mark in the world. As an expert in multi-tasking and successful in her many roles as a woman, who would be better suited than her, to help others shine, change their lives and in the process, earn not just money but job satisfaction.

This is how my story began.

After a few months of handling various jobs, I finally landed at Monsanto as a receptionist. I was excited but at the same time anxious about the new job. I feared rejection and most importantly wanted to be accepted in the new environment. I was given an opportunity to learn and improve, I was told the don’ts and then slowly comprehended the do’s. My grit & ability to learn things faster got the better of me and in five months’ time, my reporting manager shifted me from the front office to the back office as an admin for the SSC.

I could not have imagined a better start to the journey. For someone like me, who was bought up with a strict, conservative upbringing, in an environment where women are confined to homes post marriage; I had never imagined that one day I would be working to my best abilities and bringing glory to my family. I worked hard to create a positive image of myself, which did wonders for my self-esteem, personal relations, experiences and professional success.

In the following months, I learned more about the business and was soon promoted to the accounts section. Monsanto’s values & vision appealed to me to a greater extent, especially how it contributes and enriches the lives of farmers. The training team needed a person who could blend well, understand and share thoughts on the Monsanto experience and orient the new staff. I was considered suitable for this critical role.

As time went by, I was informed about the possibility of traveling to the USA for enhancing training skills. I was thrilled and eager to get this incredible opportunity! I had never been there before and was always an impossible scenario until then.

My trip to the USA opened new avenues for me. It is an experience I will forever treasure.

Of course, my journey did not stop there. I came back to India and embarked on a new beginning. As a result of my openness and zeal, I was designated as a Process Training Specialist.

Monsanto has molded me into the person I am today. I have grown both as an individual and a professional immensely because of the opportunities this company offered me.


Arshiya Begum
Process Training Specialist

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