In Today’s Youth Lie Tomorrow’s Dreams – International Youth Day

With over 600 million people currently under the age of 25, India is set to become the ‘youngest’ country by 2020. The youth, as the heart of the nation, drives the country’s progress towards a more sustainable economy. However, as illiteracy and poverty remain at the helm of India’s problems, they continuously face challenges of unemployment and corruption. Thus, education becomes the foundation of a developed healthy Nation.

At Monsanto, we believe that educating the young minds ensures they grow up to become responsible citizens and impact the country in a positive and inclusive manner. To make this possible, we have partnered with United Way of Mumbai in improving the lives of our communities with a focus on education. By setting up mini-science centers in Maharashtra, we have created an experiential learning environment, thus improving aptitude and building scientific temper in young students.

“Across Nanded in Maharashtra, 11 schools have benefitted from the installation of Mini Science Centers in 2017-18, impacting over 5000 students in Zilla Parishad Schools. As we progress into the second year of this partnership in 2018-19, 9 more schools have been identified taking the total to 20 schools, expecting to benefit over 10000 children.

These centers include 65 working table top science models which are part of the school curriculum for grades V to X. The models follow the State Board syllabus and has enabled easy understanding of abstract science concepts for the students. Teachers are encouraged to actively use the facility during classroom lectures to demonstrate and simplify concepts through the daily use of science principles.

Monsanto’s support to encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning in the rural parts of Maharashtra and Marathwada is unprecedented and has helped students who otherwise had minimal exposure to science and no STEM-based model for education delivery.

It is a start towards investment in human capital for tomorrow and builds the capabilities of teachers as well as students. Their education is aimed at enhancing their aptitude for logical thinking and innovation for an emerging economy. ”

Prachi Nautiyal – Director, Corporate Partnerships, United Way of Mumbai

Across the Mini Science Centres, students are learning concepts of science and mathematics with the help of interactive models

“The support provided by Monsanto has been appreciated not only by the Principals, but even by the teachers, and students of all the schools. The response has been positive and even before we launch STEM in the next nine schools, we already have 5 schools requesting for STEM learning to be implemented in their schools. This is only because of the phenomenal results of the Mini Science Centres and the impact in areas of operations. The results this year are a clear indicator of the change that this initiative is bringing.

Principals have seen noticeable improvement in students’ results compared to previous years and feel that this is one step forward to change their lives.  Students are now more motivated to stay in school and attend classes regularly. We had one student from Kuntur who has secured 100% results in Mathematics. With students’ results improving and teachers being better equipped to teach students, we are surely on the right track towards a brighter future.”

Sancho – Assistant Manager, Corporate Grants, United Way of Mumbai

Investments in education are crucial for a country like India, which holds so much human resource potential. As we continue our focus on setting up a scientific temper in the schools through interactive learning models, students will be better equipped and qualified for employment opportunities and lead the country towards progress.

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