Ear to the ground: Let us grow healthy together

Monsanto India Biotech team teaches “WASH” concepts to over 350 school children

Health and nutrition are two of the most important pillars for any society to progress. For each one of us at Monsanto, this is one aspect that is ingrained in our ethos. It is no secret that any society can develop only when its building blocks – its younger generation grows, thrives and flourishes. To help achieve this objective, we at Monsanto partner with communities to help deliver lasting solutions that play an important role in overall societal development.

Our experiences teach us that health and hygiene play an important role in building a stronger and robust tomorrow. Last week, the Monsanto India Biotech team spent half a day with school children at the Amrutha Halli Government School teaching them the concepts of “WASH”, a simple philosophy that has evolved from three basic tenets of Water +Sanitation + Hygiene (WASH).  It was a day well-spent for this team interacting with over 350 school children and explaining to them to concepts of cleanliness and sanitation and its importance in our day-to-day lives.

So how do you teach 350 children how to wash their hands? Well, when with children, be like them, and that is exactly what the team did. Keeping the session interactive, the volunteers engaged with the children using pictures and placards and demonstrating safe hand wash techniques. The excitement was palpable and there for all to see. Especially for the kids when you learn all about hygiene while singing a song.

DISHA is an important component of Monsanto India’s CSR initiatives and it covers the areas of health, nutrition and the education focusing mainly on rural women and children. The three important pillars of the program are better access to drinking water, sanitation facilities and education support.

And how do we do this? We do this by creating new drinking water facilities, construction of toilets along with community sensitization and training, and the most important part, conducting awareness sessions on hygiene to help reduce water-borne and health related problems. Most importantly, we involve and reach out the ones that are the key to the success of our society – women and children.

Simple habits go a long way in building a strong and healthy future. Wouldn’t it?

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