Leveraging Digital Ag to Grow More Using Less

With the world population growing at an alarming rate, there is an ever-increasing demand for more food to be produced from the rapidly depleting resources that are already in use. To counter the needs of a growing population, it is crucial that we leverage the latest technologies in agriculture to enable a more sustainable and productive output.

The possibilities of growth with agricultural technology

The introduction of modern digital tools in the agricultural space has transformed the way we produce food while reducing the overall impact on the environment. From weather-forecasting systems to software platforms that guide farmer decisions on the use of water, soil, and energy— digital technology helps in driving advancements in agriculture.

ModernAg is helping farmers increase their efficiency, reducing the depletion of natural resources while meeting the necessary food needs of the people

IoT and Sensors in the Field

IoT is disrupting the agriculture industry – in a good way. In fact, there is extreme potential for using IoT within the food sector. It is simplifying and streamlining the collection, inspection and overall distribution of agricultural resources using sensors on equipment and material.

IoT sensors placed strategically around fields along with image recognition technologies allow farmers to view their crops virtually in real-time from anywhere in the world which enables them to make changes to their growing crops accordingly.

IoT and Sensors in Equipment

Apart from fields, technology has also been implemented on various farming equipment – “Precision agriculture” tractors and other farming equipment are being built with extensive navigation systems and sensors for yield mapping and harvest documentation. Sensors are also capable of monitoring tractors to notify when they need to be serviced so users can do it proactively and reduce the overall downtime.

Digital tools and innovations are helping farmers make decisions about their operations in a sustainable manner

Machine Learning and Analytics for Effective Farming

Perhaps the most path-breaking innovation is using machine learning and advanced analytics to mine data for trends. Before farmers sow the seeds, machine learning can help predict the best traits and genes for ideal crop production. This gives farmers a head start to choosing the right breed for their locale and climate.

Additionally, machine learning algorithms can also be utilized in the ‘Farm to Fork’ journey by showing distributors the demand for various products within the market thus creating a more accurate forecast for future farming.

Advanced algorithms are being used to decode the behaviour and patterns of Mother Nature. Predicting the invasion of pests, spotting the spread of diseases and helping farmers adapt to the changing climate

Satellites Usage for Farm Surveillance

When dealing with farms spanning across thousands of acres, a high vantage point is required. To solve this problem, digital agriculture is leveraging satellites, equipped with a variety of imaging tools. According to a report from Modern Agriculture, this technology has helped farmers monitor plant stress from drought, pests, weeds, and environmental conditions. These problems can be tackled in the early stages before they negatively affect the harvest.

The evolution of farming technology from simple handmade implements to sophisticated futuristic equipment has truly transformed agricultural production capabilities. With high rates in the adoption of digitization in machine, tractor and fields, the agricultural industry stands to benefit greatly. There is no doubt that the coming of the digital age has taken a weight off farmers’ burdened shoulders.

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