Monsanto’s Vehicle Safety Program: An Initiative Towards Safer Roads

In India, over 1.4 million accidents are reported every year – that amounts to almost 4000 accidents each day!

What is more shocking is the fact that approximately 300 lives are lost as a result each day.

At Monsanto, safety is a part of our DNA – a fact that is emphasised amongst our communities, customers and our employees. For the past 10 years, Monsanto’s ‘Vehicle Safety Program’ has strived to become a world-class initiative and an inspiration for other organisations and groups. There is a dedicated India Vehicle Safety Team (IVST) at Monsanto that comprises of leaders from varied functions, who drive this program.

In a brief interaction about our vehicle safety program, Nitin Shah, Sales Enablement Lead (South Asia) tells us about how small steps in the right direction can save many lives.

 What is the cause of so many accidents in the country?

This is due to multiple reasons like poor road engineering, lack of discipline among heavy vehicle drivers and so on. Most vehicles on the roads, two wheelers, four wheelers, as well as pedestrians don’t follow correct safety norms.  A casual approach to road safety and ignorance can also lead to loss of lives.

What are the measures that we at Monsanto are taking to bring down the numbers (of accidents/ mishaps)?

Safety has always been at the core of our business at Monsanto. Our “Vehicle Safety Program” is dedicated to this cause. Through our sustained efforts, we have achieved more than 85% reduction in collision per million miles – a key indicator in the field of vehicular safety.

How did we manage to accomplish this?

The India Vehicle Safety Team is continually increasing the intensity and the focus on vehicle safety. This is coupled with a strong policy and timely training sessions. The core team appoints a motivated Driving Safety Champion who takes up this voluntary role to report near misses and suggestions for safety measures for the future.

How do we guarantee discipline among employees?

Driving discipline among employees is one of the most important aspects to track the progress of this program.

We employ In-Vehicle Technology that records data to track the behaviour of employees for parameters like distance travelled, speed limit, etc.

Safety for employees is obligatory. What are we doing to help spread awareness beyond Monsanto India?

 Monsanto has not limited the program to its employees and contractors only. In India, we implement a formal “Off-the-Job Safety” program which has benefitted almost 1.5 million people in the past 4 years.

With the support of our colleagues, we are successfully driving this vehicle safety program to ensure protocols are adhered to, always everywhere.

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  • V George

    Hi Nitin
    You have succinctly encapsulated our efforts on sustaining vehicle safety and its positive outcome in very compact bullet points.
    Kudos & Well Done.
    V George

  • Jayantilal Satashia

    Indeed Monsanto worked out fabulous road safety awarness program incorporating many natable intiatives with that making the organization the safe most among the industries. Some of notble initiatives are caping to speed, driving hours, driving period and compulsory to wear seat belts, no driving under the influance of alcohole, medication and no phone calls while driving. How ever one gray area to improve upon is phone call and driving. Employee’s call log should be checked and verifyed with driving time to coreect this grey area of safety rule of thre organization.

  • Chandramouli Patel

    Excellent progamme and initiatives with continued focus and sustained efforts resulted in spreading awareness among communities, business partners, employees and through community care programmes transformed people to focus on safety as a top and first priority while on the Road and at work as well. Great show by the Team and thanks for their sustained and continued focus and it is sending stronger and right message to all and make safety as way of life

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