Safety begins with each one of us

The National Safety Week was introduced in India with an objective to adopt practices that can help prevent human or economic losses due to accidents and other mishaps.

Led by National Safety Council for the past three decades to mark its Foundation Day, this initiative has contributed to the safety awareness among various sections of the Indian society.

Safety is of paramount importance to each one us at Monsanto. We have inculcated a culture of safety that goes beyond the office space. It is a part of our daily life and routine.

With safety practices deeply ingrained in our daily activities – both on and off the job, this National Safety Week we ask our colleagues at Monsanto to share with us their thoughts on safety and reliability at work.


Jyothsna Pothala, a pathologist, works in the Vegetable R&D department. Working in a lab and spending long hours in poly houses require a lot of focus.

With Monsanto’s strong emphasis on safety, we are well informed about good habits such as aligning one’s body posture with the workstation, taking periodic breaks from work and ensuring we don’t neglect our health and well-being.
Jyothsna Pothala, Pathologist

Handling on-field machinery

While advising farmers about sustainable modern agriculture practices, our teams also educate them about modern machinery that will help improve farm yields with reduced efforts.

Rajiv Sethi from the Breeding team explains how his team conducts multiple initiatives across different locations in India to inform farmers about modernized machinery and the right way of using them for a bountiful and safe harvest.

While we advise them on various machinery, tools and technologies, it is equally important to ensure that the farmers use these field equipment safely.
Rajiv Sethi, IRC North Regional Testing and Operations Lead

Venomous snake bites

One of the major hazards in fields across rural India are snake bites. With an objective of reducing the number of snake bite victims, the Monsanto anti-venom program has been initiated and implemented in local communities we work with. The result of this initiative has been impactful enough to inspire communities besides the ones we interact with closely.

The team has succeeded in saving 98 lives so far.

The Monsanto Anti-Venom Program has emerged over the last 9 years from field experience, thus it is a time-tested program and well-accepted by the local communities. Each time we save a life, we realize this as a great opportunity to work with Monsanto and the safety and Human Rights culture, we as Monsanto, nurture.
Ganapathi L. K, Manager – SPR

Maintaining machinery at manufacturing plant

Using heavy machinery can be a safety hazard both on and off the field. Thennarasu Rajamannar works at our manufacturing plant in Shamirpet, where our colleagues deal with automated machines daily. In an environment like this, safety becomes a matter of primary concern for all. Regular machine maintenance helps increase productivity which in turn contributes to the safety of all operations on the shop floor.

As an organization with deep-rooted safety values, regular machinery preventive and predictive maintenance are conducted to prevent any mishaps and accidents. Also, these practices improve the machine reliability and ensure error-free operation.
Thennarasu Rajamannar, Manager Maintenance

Vehicle safety

Considering the high road risks in India, we’ve continuously placed emphasis on vehicle safety within communities, customers and employees. Prem Kumar, Technology Development Manager is actively involved in demonstrating road safety practices among farmer communities.

A dedicated team, Monsanto India Vehicle Safety Team (IVST) with its strong policy and timely training sessions encourages everyone to follow safety guidelines, thus promoting safety at work and beyond.
Prem Kumar, Technology Development Manager

At Monsanto, we believe that safety is not about rules or regulations, it’s a state of mind, a culture that is deeply embedded in each one of us.

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    All functions within @Monsanto_IN own safety and that ensures a robust EHS Management System! #MonSafety

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